Event Planner
Job Title: Event Planner

China TV Media Group (USA), Inc. dba Channel 31.2 HTTV is a television & special event production company and broadcasting service provider. Our production base is in the nation's largest Chinese community in the center of the San Gabriel Valley, near the City of Los Angeles & close to Hollywood. HTTV is the largest multi-media production base & entertainment production service center for the local Chinese community in the greater Los Angeles area.  
    To continue providing event planning & event hosting services, as well as manage the use of our LED studio, we need the professional services of an Event Planner. The Event Planner will serve as the primary point of contact for broadcasting show events to cooperate with other departments including video production, content promotion, and  marketing. The Event Planner will negotiate with the theater or venue managers about complete production details on stage and the rental contract agreements. The Event Planner will develop the event structure design, create the event’s budget, execute various production tasks, and  manage the related promotional and marketing tasks      
In a quantitative breakdown, the Event Planner will perform the following duties:
Event Planning Administration (40% of the time)
Negotiate contractual agreements for use of the LED studio as well as production services prior to closing deals with potential clients
Liaise with clients to identify their needs & determine objectives & requirements for their events (performances, exhibitions, conferences), to ensure customer satisfaction
Meet with clients, sponsors, & organizing committees to plan the scope & format of events, to establish & monitor budgets, or to review administrative procedures & event progress
Monitor timeline & milestone planning especially budget implications & review internal event, production & budget briefings for regular team updates & implementation
Obtain the proper permits from fire & health departments to erect displays & exhibits & serve food at events
Event & Production Management (40% of the time)
Serve as the project manager for events utilizing HTTV’s facilities, & monitor the logistics & overall management for all events and the related day-to-day communications involved in planning
Cooperate with the Director of Marketing & Director of Video Production to promote, publicize, & market client events by creating visually attractive ads that appeal to trends in the entertainment industry & consumer market
Manage & ensure preparation of all production elements (design, layout, & multimedia production equipment) for events held in the LED studio
Collaborate with team members to coordinate event services & preparation including décor, catering, entertainment, venue, invitee list, special guests, audio/video/production equipment, promotional materials, & other requirements
Proactively manage any arising issues during event hosting or production as well as troubleshoot any emerging technical or equipment problems on the event day
Internal Planning & Hosting Operations (10% of the time)
Assign team member to conduct market research & gather information regarding other studios & production venues leasing agreements & services they provide or include
Evaluate post-event feedback from clients & attendees to assess success of the event or meeting & determine what services, procedures, or administrative areas could be improved; present a feedback report to the Business Development Director 
Other (10% of the time)
Review & stay abreast of current entertainment industry laws to ensure compliance with event insurance, entertainment industry regulations, as well as health & safety obligations
Perform ad-hoc assignments as required.

Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in entertainment business, communications, or related field;
2 years’ working experience in developing television productions;
Strong knowledge in targeting Chinese American audience and familiar with their preference;
Strong knowledge of multimedia production methods & personnel management.

Apply to lijihttv@gmail.com or China TV Media Group (USA), Inc. dba Channel 31.2 HTTV c/o Ji Li, 12803 Schabarum Ave., Irwindale, CA, 91706.