Training Specialist
Job Title: Training Specialist

China TV Media Group (USA), Inc. dba Channel 31.2 HTTV is a television & special event production company and broadcasting service provider. Our production base is in the nation's largest Chinese community in the center of the San Gabriel Valley, near the City of Los Angeles & close to Hollywood. HTTV is the largest multi-media production base & entertainment production service center for the local Chinese community in the greater Los Angeles area.
    To continue providing consistent, high-quality event planning & event hosting services, we need the professional services of a Training Specialist. The Training Specialist will design and establish comprehensive training programs for our employees to improve individual and organizational performance. The Training Specialist will ensure that our staff are fully trained through various training sessions tailored to the company’s needs within the television and special event production and broadcasting industry. The Training Specialist will assess our company’s training needs, design training materials, deliver job-training to our employees, and monitor and evaluate personnel to ensure the effectiveness of our training programs.

The hired individual will perform the following duties:
Assess our company’s training needs through consultation with management and survey of various training programs and services offered by our company;
Conceptualize and develop training initiatives to improve retention, develop middle management leadership ability, and enhance new employee career opportunities;
Design employee assessment methods to help evaluate the employees’ training needs for specific tasks and different stages of our workflow;
Identify the weaknesses in staff knowledge and skills by following up with clients about their experience with our employees so we can make needed adjustments to our training methods and programs to address any shortcomings or recurring problems in our services;
Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our training programs to identify areas for improvement for our company’s training programs on a regular basis based on feedback collected through various means, and implement training programs to raise company-wide awareness on emerging issues;
Develop alternative and remedial training methods if expected improvements are not observed;
Keep up with the developments in company training and development strategies and principles.

Minimum Requirements:
Master’s degree in education, leadership, or a related field;
1 year’s working experience in coordinating various teams at a company and producing  guide materials to ensure effectiveness and smooth operations for company events and work processes;
College coursework in strategic planning, leading staff, and resource development.

Apply to or China TV Media Group (USA), Inc. dba Channel 31.2 HTTV c/o Ji Li, 12803 Schabarum Ave., Irwindale, CA, 91706.